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Having the right attorney can significantly affect the compensation you receive, providing the expertise and support needed to navigate the legal aftermath of any incident.

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Speaking directly with your attorney in personal injury cases, is not only comforting, but also allows you to convey your concerns directly to the attorney representing you in your case.

Florida Bar Certified

Being Florida Bar certified signifies that an attorney has met the rigorous standards for professionalism, education and expertise set by the Florida Bar Association.


With over 200 represented cases, attorney Josh Johnson is well equipped to handle your personal injury case

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Attorney Josh Johnson is an experienced negotiating attorney, who is willing to take the matter to court if a reasonable settlement can not be reached.

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Free Consultation

J Johnson Law Firm offers free consultations to accident victims. When an accident happens, call 911, then call Attorney Josh Johnson.

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Upon initial phone call, we will schedule a meeting to discuss your case in detail. If both parties agree, we will proceed to the next step.

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If J Johnson Law Firm accepts your case, the firm will send you an agreement to sign indicating your representation of the case & J Johnson Law Firm.

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After representation is established, together, The attorney will create a strategy for the best way to handle your individual personal injury case.