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I did not know what hit me in November. Turns out it was an uninsured motorist. I reached
out to Mr. Johnson who immediately helped me with Physical Therapy, The ins and outs of
my vehicle insurance. When I had questions about my case, he was there to answer any
questions my husband and I had. Professional, knowledgeable and kind was the service
that I received. Thank you!  –  Stephanie

12.6 percent of all drivers were uninsured in 2019 according to the Insurance Research Council. Given the significant number of car accidents in the United States, about 6 million annually, a considerable portion of these accidents likely involve uninsured motorists.

Experience handling uninsured motorists involved in personal injury cases is important when choosing an attorney.

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Representing Auto Accident Victim in an accident with an uninsured motorist

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Injured In Auto Accident


May 2023




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J Johnson has experience with uninsured motorist law suits.

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J Johnson has experience in litigation involving uninsured motorists.