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Last January, I had an really bad car accident with 6 cars and 13 people are involved.
English is not my first language so I had a hard time to deal with all the paperwork. Then I decided to hire Josh to be my lawyer and that was a good decision. He really spent time for my case, anything I don’t  understand about the case, I can just text or call him (if u hire a famous lawyer, usually they don’t let u call or text directly to the lawyer, so u had to contact their assistant first and it will take forever). Will recommend Josh to my friends and my family.  –  Anonymous

On average, there are about 1,050 accidents per day across the state of Florida, with an average of 668 injuries per day and nine fatalities per day. Common types of accidents included rear-end collisions, left-turn collisions, sideswipe due to lane changes, single-vehicle accidents, and head-on collisions, often resulting from reckless driving.

Experience handling multi-vehicle auto accidents that result in injury is important when choosing an attorney.


Multi-Car Auto Accident

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Injured In Multi-Car Auto Accident


June 2022



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